"Led by Sebastián Pérez, Recreo Espacial (Space Recess) is both ongoing research about translation between somatic experiences and astrophysical phenomena, as well as the resulting set of exercises and supporting materials to supplement learning of astronomy in the classroom. The objective is to enhance the existing rich accumulation of symbolic, largely visual representations of scientific information with embodied human experience." – Anya Yermakova
In the first stage of the project, my role as the designer of the team was to observe and analyze the participants interactions with the activity facilitators. After extensive sessions of developing and testing the activities, we developed a way to capture the experience so it could be easily replicated by others. The final outcome was a printable booklet that includes everything necessary for any educator to be able to conduct the activities with no previous knowledge of embodied learning nor physics. 
The team is conformed by Sebastián Pérez (astrophysicist), Anya Yermakova, Simón Cassasus (astrophysicist), Karina Hyland (designer), Beatriz Buttazzoni (motion graphics), Gabriela Zegers (educator) and José Manuel Soto (documentarist). 
More in the project website or in this poster presented at the IAU AstroBiology Conference held in Coyhaique - Chile, 2017.