"Open Veins of a Poem" is a computer generated Décima in Python. A 'décima' is a poetic style composed of 10 eight-syllable-lines stanzas, with a rhyming scheme of ABBAACCDDC. It is a very used style in Latin American and Spanish folk literature. 
This was the final project for Allison Parish's class "Reading and Writing Electronic Text"
The input text of this piece is the introduction of the book by Eduardo Galeano "Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent". Each line is trained into a reversed Markov Chain model to generate lines that rhyme and then put together following the poetic style rules. Source code in Jupyter Notebook
Read below one of the multiple results the code can generate:
Latin America you hear of gold
North American missionaries sow
the Cuban Revolution triumphed now
I who have been a beggar some of old

Paraguay has many more in the sun
keep reproducing they are left beside
exist and against what is now denied
our time bomb among the machine gun
an insult to a prophet who have won
reproducing they make love with their vast
combined population grows less than two
no longer in the contrary they do
compete with bombs explode over the past
brings us except to justify the last

Women in their combined population
food shortages had been to be before
dependency has no one third world war
illiterate half the constellation
the means of daily humiliation
liberation to multiply the same
with the sensational press but there will
of our only possible to kill
more profitable than France or the fate
possible to multiply the same rate
Havana since that would also deny
different roads on our commission
in this condition that malnutrition
Most Latin American countries by
history as the curse of all the eye
the capitalist periphery know
people on the dynamic of the jet
that myths can allow itself with regret
rather than Belgium Paraguay has no
less than France or West Germany although

Landowners to foreign minister said
set computers humming to almost all
systematic violence is a wall
have no one of the capitalist head
half the children are left beside the dead
who looks back because there would be fifteen
humming to convince the social peace prize
Cuban Revolution triumphed now lies
natural resources that yawns between
but the precious metals had been foreseen

Slide deck that accompanied the live recitation of the poem composed by maps under key search word "America" in the maps online collection of the Library of Congress.