As a response to the rapidly growing Quantified Self movement and the obsession to defy death by keeping track of everything, this project’s intends to reflect on the self tracking obsession. 
A questionnaire will determine how many years you have left to live. Instead of calculating this number with age, gender and health, the life expectancy depends strictly on the amount of things you keep track about yourself. Will obsessive tracking improve our lives to the point that we extend human life span?
The scale is defined by 9 ranges of life expectancy portrayed by a fictional character inspired by the the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. Each one represents an age range based that matches the actual life span of the aquatic animal.

Death Day, by Rose Eveleth

This project was developed during the class "Quant Humanists: Designing Personal Data" taught by Joey K. Lee at NYU, Spring 2019.