• Augmented Reality

    For this project I targeted a MTV hoodie I have with the old logo printed on. I was inspired by it, so I thought that an old TV playing 90's music videos would be something with a strong relationship to the target, and the clothing. I did a short mashup of some videos and added them behind the a 3D model of an old TV. Here is the result.

  • After Effects

    This assignment is being developed in collaboration with Marcela Mancino. Exploring images and ideas that intersect in our work as musicians - specially in the songs As plantas em minha pele criam raízes em minha carne, Figuras, and the clip of Novena Nube - we decided to work with underwater creatures and textures. Inspired by these images, we want to explore inverted masking footage of sea animals to different textures. With that, creating a fictional ocean world where all the creatures are made out of water. Here is the link for the folder with the collected assets. Inspired by underwater textures, we want to make an animation that explores inverted masks. We want to create a fictional ocean world where the creatures are made out of water textures.

    Final result:

  • Stop Motion

    En 1492, los nativos descubrieron que eran indios, descubrieron que vivían en América, descubrieron que estaban desnudos, descubrieron que existía el pecado, descubrieron que debían obediencia a un rey y a una reina de otro mundo y a un dios de otro cielo y que ese dios había inventado la culpa y el vestido y había mandado que fuera quemado vivo quien adorara al sol y a la luna y a la tierra y a la lluvia que la moja.

    - Eduardo Galeano


    In 1492, the natives discovered that they were indigenous. They discovered that they lived in America, they discovered they were naked, they discovered the sin, they discovered they had to obey to a king and a queen from another world and a God from another heaven, and that such God had invented guilt and clothing, and had ordered to burn alive anyone who worshiped the sun, the moon, the earth and the rain that moistens. 

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