Default Stories is an interactive web experience that presents what happens to the brain while it “rests”. With the intention to introduce a novel scientific finding to a non-expert audience and motivated by related works that combine science and art, we designed and implemented Default Stories: a work in progress of an interactive and immersive experience on the web. Using features of web interactive documentaries (i-docs), we present the main characteristics and relevance of the Default Mode Network (DMN) in a language that can be understood by almost anyone. This website was published and available online for a month, where we collected navigation data (n=98) and analyzed the interaction between users and the interface. After this study, we were able to detect patterns on the interactions and intersect the findings with how the audience perceives and understands the presented subject.

Default Stories was presented at the IEEE VIS Arts Program in 2017 (Phoenix, Arizona)

For detailed information about the project, read undergrad dissertation here (in Spanish)
Visit the experience here