Default Stories is an interactive web experience that presents what happens to the brain while it “rests”. With the intention to introduce a novel scientific finding to a non-expert audience and motivated by related works that combine science and art, I designed Default Stories, an interactive and immersive experience on the web.
Default Stories was presented at the IEEE VIS Arts Program in 2017 (Phoenix, Arizona) along with a published paper in IEEE VIS 2017 Proceedings.
For detailed information about the process, see bachelor dissertation here (in Spanish).
As a second iteration, we brought DEFAULT to the physical space as an interactive installation that visualizes the brain in resting state. Three continuous walls projected a three dimensional representation of a fMRI scan. Using a motion sensor, the audience was able to explore the visualization by moving through the space, until other visitor entered the room. Whenever someone passed the entrance, the brain stops wandering and directs its attention. This interaction mimics the mental sway between intrinsic (mind wandering, default state) and extrinsic (everything else) activity. 
DEFAULT was on view at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago (Chile) from September through November 2017.
Project creators: Manuela Garretón and Tomás Ossandón
Music: Pablo Garretón
Research Assistant and designer: Karina Hyland
Programming: Roy MacDonald, Esteban Sandoval, Benjamín Benavides
More in the project website.