Addressable LED's have become a very popular technology to use in a variety of platforms. Specially in entertainment environments such as theatre, music and dance performances. But the market today offers two main ways of controlling them. You either get a non-reliable and limited remote control, or you need to be programming expert and a computer to actually get exactly what you want. The ‘LED Custom Controller’ is right in the middle of these extremes. With a small and rather cheap interface anybody can design and control LED for a live performance, spaces or instances. This controller is also a simple and reachable way to teach how this specific technology works and get started with intelligent light.

Second prototype, now using a Neotrellis button pad to assign effects directly into the interface. Less flexibility but easier for the performer to control while playing, 

The band Chicarica performing and controlling their own lights on stage. 

Final prototype of stage 1. It is able to control each channel of light (red, green and blue) as well as master brightness with faders. One knob is an effect selector and the other one sets the tempo (in beats per minute) of the effects.

Prototypes of the interface.

Functioning prototype